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This website was started by Dea D'oria in the fall of 1998. I started helping him out with it shortly after and have been working (albeit intermittently) on it ever since.
Dea has moved on to other projects, leaving The Prince Charming website in my care.

All these years the site has been updated regularly with new lyrics, but the layout stayed the same:

With the release of the Remastered albums in 2004/2005 however, it seemed time for a complete reconstruction of this site, since the old layout didn't leave room for all the new material and new track listings, and it basically had become clogged up.


I have tried to make this site easy to navigate for both the random visitor (who's looking for that one lyric to that Ant-song that keeps going on in their head) as well as for the die-hard fan, who needs a quick reference.

The original set up for this site was to not only provide the lyrics, but also tabs for bass, guitar, and possibly drums. I have given up on this prestigious goal, but everything I gathered so far is still available in the tabs section, which I will update if enough people beg me to do so!

There is some heavy linking to and from Carty's site. He provides the in-depth details of all releases, while I aim to get lyrics to each and every Ant-song, so instead of inventing the wheel twice, we just combined forces!


I used to have a guest book for this site, but due to it continuously being filled with spam, I have had to  abandon it.

Please use email to contact me for any feedback you may have.

Enjoy the site,