Ant Remasters
Limited Edition Collectors Set



Dirk Wears
White Sx

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Cartrouble (Parts 1 and 2) (UK vinyl version)
Digital Tenderness
Nine Plan Failed
Day I Met God
Catholic Day
Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face)
Animals And Men
Family Of Noise
The Idea
Zerx (single version)
Whip In My Valise (single version)
Kick (original unremixed version)
Physical (mispressed B-side version)
Cartrouble (Parts 1 and 2) (remixed version)
Friends (EP version)
Cartrouble (single version)
Kick! (single version)

Kings Of The Wild Frontier

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Dog Eat Dog
Feed Me To The Lions
Los Rancheros
Ants Invasion
Killer In The Home
Kings Of The Wild Frontier
The Magnificent Five
Don't Be Square (Be There)
Jolly Roger
Making History
The Human Beings
Antmusic (Alt Mix)
Antmusic (Unreleased Demo)
Feed Me To The Lions (Unreleased Demo)
The Human Beings (Unreleased Demo)
S.E.X (Unreleased Demo)
Omelette from Outer Space (Unreleased Demo)

Prince Charming

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Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios
Prince Charming
5 Guns West
That Voodoo
Stand And Deliver
Mile High Club
Ant Rap
The Lost Hawaiians
Prince Charming (demo version)
Stand And Deliver (demo version)
Showbiz (demo)
Picasso Visits The Planet Of The Apes
(demo version)
Who's A Goofy Bunny Then? (demo)
Scorpio Writing (writing tape)

Friend Or Foe (remaster)

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Friend Or Foe
Something Girls
Place In The Country
Desperate But Not Serious
Here Comes The Grump
Hello I Love You
Goody Two Shoes (album version)
Crackpot History And The Right To Lie
Made Of Money
Cajun Twisters
Try This For Sighs
Man Called Marco
Goody Two Shoes  (single version)
Coup D'Etat  (final version)
Goody Two Shoes (demo)
Here Comes The Grump (demo)
Little Italy (demo)
Made Of Money (demo)
Place In The Country (demo)
And So You Shall (demo)
Yellowbeard (demo)
I Know They Know (demo)
Gargoyles Are Go (demo)
Good Sex Rumples The Clothing (unused b-side)


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Baby, Let Me Scream At You
Spanish Game
Puss 'n Boots
Navel To Neck
Strip (demo)
Dirty Harry (demo)
Horse You Rode In On (demo)
She Wins Zulus (demo)
Puss (demo)
Playboy (live rehearsal 15 Jan 1983)
Navel To Neck (live rehearsal 15 Jan 1983)
Strip (live in studio - with Phil Collins dialogue)

Vive Le Rock

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Vive Le Rock
Miss Thing
Razor Keen
Rip Down
Scorpio Rising
Apollo 9
Hell's Eight Acres
Mohair Lockeroom Pin-up Boys
No Zap
 Apollo 9 (accapella reprise)
Human Bondage Den (album version)
Vive Le Rock (unreleased 12" mix)
Apollo 9 (Francois Kavorkian 7" mix)
Doggy Style (demo)
Night They Vietcong (demo)
Big Big Man (demo of Razor Keen)
Rip Down (demo)
Apollo 9 (Splashdown Mix)
Vive Le Rock (unreleased US 7" mix)


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Prick Up Your Ears (demo)
Jolly Roger (demo)
Making History (demo)
Don't Be Square (Be There) (demo)
Mowhok (demo)
That Voodoo! (demo)
5 Guns West (demo)
Ups And Downs
Friend Or Foe (demo)
Seven Up (instrumental demo)
Desperate But Not Serious/Manzanera  (demo)
Saigon (demo)
Scorpio Rising (demo)
Mohair Locker Room Pin Up Boys (demo)
Dandy In The Underworld (unreleased track)

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